Wet Pets by Steve offers a wide variety of fish, including Freshwater Tropical, Goldfish, African Cichlids, Brackish Water, and Saltwater Fish.  We also carry Freshwater Plants, Live Coral, Live Rock & Saltwater Invertebrates. 

We carry a full line of Aquariums and Aquarium Products.  We stock name brand aquariums such as Perfecto, Aqueon, Deep Sea, Fluval and Coastal Aquariums, and can also have tanks custom made to fit your space.  

Some of the brands that we carry include AquaticLife, Aquatic Illumination (AI), Aqueon, CaribSea, Coralife, Coastal Aquarium, Deep Sea, EcoTech Marine, Eshopps, Fluval, Giesemann, Hydor, Marineland, SeaChem, Reef Octopus, Trigger Systems, Omega Sea, Planet Aquariums, plus many others. 

We want to help you learn how to take care of your aquarium, or we’ll do it for you.  We offer free water testing and will guide you in the process of making your aquarium a beautiful addition to your home or office.  Stop in today and let Steve & Paula Hand and their friendly, knowledgeable staff help you turn your aquarium dreams into reality.